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Gabriele Grunt - About me

Gabriele Grunt has been working as a trainer with children and adults in various fields for more than 30 years.
Born in Vienna/Austria she studied cultural anthropology and worked in international and local projects, workshops, communities, companies, educational institutions and NGOS that deal with power imbalance, racism, enemy images and restorative justice.

In her work Gabriele Grunt enjoys exploring different ways of reaching people, learning and working together – focusing not only on individual learning but on how to enable each of us to transform the structures we live in and that do not serve us towards lived partnership, shared power, new ways of leadership and a more satisfying quality of connection.

As a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC-certified trainer) Gabriele Grunt shares NVC in different kinds of organizations in the field of economy, justice, health, in NGOs, governmental organizations and residential communities with individuals and teams of variying sizes.

In many long term projects in organisations, communities and companies Gabriele Grunt supports people to consciously choose ways towards understanding, cooperation and peaceful conflict dialogue - and step by step to co-create structures that support partnership, mutual empowerment, inclusion, shared leadership and a more satisfying quality of connection  in learning and working environments.

Gabriele about her work with NVC in the field of education:

"In our life and work with children we have many habits that are inherited but do not serve us anymore today. In my work in the field of education I discovered NVC as a very powerful way to consiously choose the way and quality of living and working together. Schools and families are the places where we pass on our language and our habits to the next generations - not only by teaching, but by our living example. That's why as an NVC trainer I am especially passionate about sharing NVC in lectures and workshops and projects with teachers and parents."

Since 1998 Gabriele Grunt works with teachers, principles, students, psychologists, parents e.g. in the teachers training at Austrian universities, in  long-term school projects in open courses in Vienna, Austria, all over Europe and also in Asia and Africa.

Gabriele Grunt offers lectures, workshops and long-term trainings, she develops and leads projects for organisations, individuals and teams on various topics, e.g. Dialogue culture, Constructive conflict culture, Motivation through Dialogue, Living Democracy, Bullying prevention, Discrimination and Inclusion, Intimate Relationships,...
Since 2014 she is certified as TRE-provider (Trauma/Tension Release Exercises).

Do you have questions? Please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Portrait Gabriele Grunt

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